Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sugar Cookies

This Sugar Cookies were exclusively made to fulfill an order made by my friend's sister for her wedding. She wanted to give this Sugar Cookies specially to her 50 VIP guests.

I made this in hurry actually. My last exam paper was on 17th February and I had to deliver this cookies to the bride house on 21st February - Ok ! It doesn't seems a short time enough for you but let me briefly mumbling here,

I only can be in town on the 18th and after the long traveled, that day already...lets call it a non-productive day to start to work on with the cookies. So, I only have two days ( 21st is the delivery day, so that won't count ) to make 50 sets of cookie-bags that needs 6 cookies in each, which makes the total become 300 cookies. Nahh! Now you got the picture ? Haha :p

Before packaging :)

With a touch of ribbon to make it more adorable :)

Alhamdulilah, using my own two hands with a little help once in awhile from my sister and two of my closest friends, I made it ! :D

Guess what I give the bride as a wedding present ? - Nothing fancy. I don't have so much money, so don't go to far okay. Haha

Yeppp ! Decorated sugar cookies !
*I used my Toblerone triangle chocolate box lol
Hmm there are must be some of you who wonder why I didn't made this iced cookies to give to the 50 guests, well the bride wanted the plain sugar cookies ;) - If she wanted this type, Ohmy ! I don't know if I able to make it :/ haha

Yep, that's right ! LovelleSugar ;)
*I didn't give this to the bride, it would be to 'brag' i guess. haha :p

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