Thursday, August 18, 2011

Betty Crocker's Ultimate Cookie Book First Edition 1992 !

 Yes ! Yes ! Indeed. I have Betty Crocker's cookie book first edition from 1992. It called Betty Crocker's Ultimate Cookie Book which it had been published a year after I was born - 19 years old book. Thank you god I'm lucky ! ;)

Ok here it goes the story :
After I told my mom about the book that I bought, she said to me that it such a waste of money to buy the book –in not an angry tone of voice- which then she referred to me a book that she got not a long time ago. It is Betty Crocker’s book okay! Why laaa O! Whyyyyyyy she didn’t even told me earlier? 

Well, whatever it is thank god after I went through with the book, I still not regret of buying the Biscuiteers book. It is because this Betty's book is absolutely recommend for those who are really looking for delicious cookie recipe -not just how pretty the cookie must look- and for those who are looking for more different type of biscuits/cookies. It contains many good recipes which make my work become less easy to choose which recipe I should try first haha

Too many good brownie
 and bar cookie recipes to resist.

The book consist of many pictures that looks so amazing and mouthwatering.

So, it is different from the book that I bought where it is about icing biscuits only and I'm pretty sure that it will grab people's attention as soon as they look at the biscuits. Thus, I need those two books, it is different from another.

First album cover by Jesse McCartney <3
- I do not own this picture

Ohya, I love to tell about how I know Betty Crocker. It is actually -& I guess she is famous- after heard it on one of my only favorite singer Jesse McCartney songs, which I very disappointed with myself for not remember the title of the song right now. The only thing I can remember, it's Jesse’s song on his first album, Beautiful Soul.
Anddddd, now I know it's a well-known food brand. Hehe

P/S: You might notice that I use both 'cookie' and 'biscuit', but in here I actually refer to the same thing. Yes, yes although I know there is difference between those two by depend on where you live :) - for those who didn't know, go google it ! ;p

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My First Baking Book ! - also my first post here ;p

On 18th November 2010, I finally made one of my wish come true, which I bought myself my first baking book. The book called Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits by Harriet Hastings & Sarah Moore. The cover of the book already made me more eager to spend my first semester holiday break with baking activities. The cover of the book which mostly covered with brown color hard paper were illustrates with image of love shape biscuit with pink color icing which added with white polka dot, on the top of it is the title of the book itself.  To buy the book, it is not actually my first plan when I agreed to hang out with my close friends, Chacha & Muddy. We were actually just hanging out, window shopping, have a chat and satisfied our stomach. At first, it was Muddy who wants to walk in to MPH bookstore to have a look around. Well, being me who walk in to the bookstore, of course first thing that come up in my mind was Sophie Kinsella/ Madeleine Wickham novels and not forget to must-stop-by at Cooking & Baking section. Thus, of course that was what happened that made me end up grabbing a book to the cashier counter. The book cost me RM43 which I think it is affordable enough for a baking book. Not forget to mention that I’m satisfied enough with the book and will not regret it since one of my favorite chef, Nigella Lawson is one of the commenters of the book. At the front cover there is words, 'These I Love You inscribed cookies…they are just too darling'- Nigella Lawson Ohmaigawdd! Straightway I think I’m more loveee to have that book than anyone else on that time! lol Before I finally made my mind to pick up the book, it is actually between the book and another. Another book is about bakes, means about cakes, cupcakes and anything that need bakes. I chose to put back the book to the rack because on that time I’m in the mood of making biscuits & decorate it which if I succeed I might want to sell it - but apparently now that I didn't since time is little too short for me.

Well, after looking through the book just in glance every page at 6 pm after Muddy sent me back home, I found that the book is very interesting with many pictures from the start on how to make the dough, finish up with how to package it. The content is very organized and useful, it includes the rules of biscuits making which the-must-need-to-know for the newcomer to this Biscuits World, and of course it will not complete if the biscuiteers book without the recipes. The book also will direct you on how to prepare & color icing correctly. It also will give you full ideas on how to be creative as you can even on that tiny surface of biscuits. So, I’m proud to say that I have my first baking book –bought myself- which I satisfied it the most.  

The book will give you 10 basic biscuit dough recipes including the gluten-free chocolate biscuits.
Isn't is so cute & lovely ? ;)